Ruggedness & Environment:

– Drop

MIL-STD 810G, Method 516.4, Procedure IV, 4 feet drop

– Vibration

Non-Operating: MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6, Procedure I, Category 24, Fig. 514.6E-1, Fig. 514.6E-2

Operating: ASTM 4169, Truck Transport, 11.5.2 Random test, Assurance Level 2

– Temperature

Operating: -20°C ~50°C (with SSD)

Storage: -40°C ~ 70°C

– Humidity

Operating : 20% ~ 90% RH

– Spill Proof

  Operating: 100cc water drop on keyboard,touchpad, display panel area in 2-5 seconds

Light weight Semi-Rugged Convertible Laptop

DURABOOK® U12Ci is equipped with a convertible swivel LCD screen which enables notebook and tablet mode operations.

High Performance

With Intel 3rd generation Core i5-3337U dual-core Ivy Bridge Processor, U12Ci offers breakthrough performance and increase power efficiency with longer battery life.   

Integrated Ergonomic Handle for easy handling

U12Ci is designed with Integrated Ergonomic handle for ease of use and convenience for carrying the system around on-the-go.

Quick Release HDD

DURABOOK® U12Ci is designed with quick release HDD mechanism to allow removal of the Hard Drive Disk in just a few seconds.

Stealth Mode

The one-click stealth mode operation disables all emitting light and sounds. This feature is designed for the unique applications of covert operations like stakeouts.

Up to 10 hrs battery life with 2nd battery 

Rugged Features

 ● Drop
    --MIL-STD 810G, Method 516.4, Procedure IV,26 drops, 4 feet drop(120cm)
 ● Shock  and Vibration
    --MIL-STD 810G, Method 514.6, Procedure I, Category 24, Fig. 514.6E-1, Fig. 514.6 E-2
    --ASTM 4169, Truck Transport, 11.5.2 Random test, Assurance Level II
 ● Magnesium Alloy Chass
 ● Waterproof Keyboard  
 ● Waterproof Touchpad & Buttons
 ● Waterproof Display Panel
 ●  I/O Dust Covers


    --Operating : -20℃~ 60℃
    --Storage :  -40℃~ 70℃
    -- Operating : 20% ~90%

Operating System

 ● Windows 7 Pro 32 bits, 64 bits


 ● Intel® Ivy Bridge Core i5-3337U (1.7GHz)
 ● Intel® Pentium Dual-Core 987 (1.5GHz) 


 ● Intel® HM77

System Memory


Mass Storage

 ● 2.5” SATA HDD

 ● Optional mSATA SSD


 ●Intel® HD Graphics 4000 


 ●12.1” WXGA Resistive Touch Screen with 1280x800 resolution
 ● Convertible LCD
 ● Optional sunlight readable  
 ● Optional resistive touch panel with digitizer 


 ● 2 x 1.5W speaker
 ● Analog Mic


 ● 1.3 MP Web-cam above LCD panel


 ● 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
 ● Optional Intel® Centrino® Wireless N 135 (802.11 b/g/n )
 ● Optional Bluetooth 4.0 Class 1
 ●  Optional WWAN Gobi 3000(3G+GPS)
 ●  Optional GPS


 ● Kensington Lock  
 ● TPM1.2   
 ● Computrace Ready  
 ● Fingerprint Scanner
 ● Stealth Mode  
● Optional 2nd SSD for Data Backup
● Optional Smart Card Reader

Data Collection


Expansion Slots

 ● Express Card 34 Slot x1  
 ● SD Card x1 , support SDHC

I/O Ports

●Quick interchangeable I/O Module:
    --I/O1: 2x USB2.0 + 1x RS-232    
    --I/O2: 1x USB2.0 + 1x Smart Card Reader    
    --I/O3: Gobi 3000 (3G+GPS)    
    --I/O4: 2nd 2 Megapixel Camera Module    
    --I/O5: GPS Module
● 15 pin D-sub VGA Port x 1 
● e-SATA / USB2.0 combo connector x1 
● RJ45 Giga LAN x1
● USB3.0 x1 
● Audio Jacks
● DC-In


 ● Portrait / Landscape Display Control
 ● LCD Brightness Up / Down
 ● Stealth Mode
 ● SAS Key
 ● Quick Setting Control (QSC)
 ● Programmable Key


 ● Standard Li-lon 6 cell (5200mAh) / 4.5 hrs  
 ● Optional 2nd hot-swappable Li-lon 6 cell (5000mAh) / 4.5 hrs 

AC Adaptor

 ● Input : 100V-240V ; 65W
 ● Output: 19V

Dimension & Weight

● 328mm (W) x 277mm (D) x 40.8 mm (H)
● 2.5 kg (with standard battery)

m2o-City (Veolia subsidiary), France
U12C, the Perfect Convertible for Telemetry Monitoring
Client: m2o-City (Veolia subsidiary), France

In 2011, Veolia Water, the world leader in water services for clients in the public sector, and Orange, a French multinational telecommunications conglomerate, joint forces in creating m2o-City, the premier telemetry monitoring provider in France, to assist cities in sustainable urban development.

m2o-City operates a vast network of remote monitors consisting of "Machine to Machine" (M2M) telecommunications infrastructure in order to connect water meters, gas or other types of energy sensors via radio frequency. Presently, over 600,000 water meters and other smart sensors are connected to networks operated by m2o-City in France. The daily average amount of data processed by m2o-City from the remote device reading exceeds 15 million units and proper maintenance of these devices require field engineers to work in often damp, dusty and enclosed environments.

DURABOOK’s U12C was able to satisfy the client’s request for a drop resistant and waterproof mobile computer for field services and with a processor powerful enough to handle the streams of data that surge through each of the telemetry devices.

Often on the road, the engineers cover an ever widening area in meter reading and maintenance, making DURABOOK’s U12C, with its semi-rugged convertible nature and high CP ratio, the choice for m2o-City, whose personnel need computers able to survive the harsh working conditions either in enclosed tunnels or out in the open where the environment is often dusty, humid and occasionally wet due to rain or snow.


Nodding in relief, the chief engineer of one of the field teams at m2o-City responded, “In order to maximize the durability of the IT devices used by our nomadic service engineers, we chose U12, the semi-rugged convertible laptop from DURABOOK. Thanks to DURABOOK, we were able to have a customized solution to fit with the connectivity options that we really needed (GPS, Bluetooth)…”

U12C’s sleek design, portability and complementary stylus meet the ergonomics and durability needs of field engineers. The hot swappable batteries ensure that the device can stay running for more than 12 hours in the field. U12C is also compatible with geo-triangulation and localization software and is capable of hosting a dual-boot Windows 7 and XP operating system.

U12C’s convenient quick setting control (QSC), GPS and Bluetooth feature are indispensable in high-speed data communication and analysis. Security wise, U12C also comes equipped with biometric fingerprint scanner to offer protection against unauthorized access to data. Its swivel LCD screen makes it easy for multiple users to view and write on the laptop.

Easy to deploy, U12C is perfect for real-time information collection, where system downtime is minimized and debugging not necessary on a routine basis, resulting in better, more efficient performance.  Its multiple configurations, diversified connectivity modes are also what made m2o-City love about DURABOOK’s U12C 12-inch semi-rugged convertible laptop.

Download this case study in PDF format                                                                                                                                
ZAP Emergency Medical Services, USA
EMS Delights in DURABOOK Rugged Convertibles
Client: ZAP Emergency Medical Services, USA

DURABOOK, an international provider of rugged computers and tablets was chosen by ZAP Emergency Medical Services as they looked for replacement PCs to their entire fleet of portable notebooks. At beginning of 2014, all ZAP models were switched to Durabook U12Ci, a mobile and light-weight rugged laptop fit for the emergency dispatch personnel. Durabook U12Ci is fully tested and certified by the EMS/ambulatory software provider ZAP uses.

As expensive medical services are increasingly outsourced to third party providers, ZAP Emergency Medical Services, a Texas‐based ambulance services company, was established in 2006 to meet the needs for 24-hour, immediate transport. Its paramedics specialize in bariatric, neonatal, pediatric and critical first response care, serving hospitals and ER facilities in the US. ZAP service areas cover Houston’s 610 Loop, including the Galleria and the Texas Medical Center, as well as the cities of Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond and Rosenburg.

Of the fleet of ambulances operated by ZAP, Durabook’s rugged U12Ci convertible laptop was chosen to be used on the emergency service vehicles, which often travel on bumpy roads, busy highways and narrow alleys in a competition against time to save lives. Durabook U12Ci was equipped with a built-in ergonomic handle and is 4-feet drop resistant, perfect for the rocky ride and light enough to carry around by hand.

Since ZAP Emergency Medical Services prides itself as an extension to the medical teams they serve, they take it seriously in representing their clients. To that end, when ZAP was searching for the suitable portable convertibles for its ambulance fleet, price, durability and weight were taken into consideration. Built to Military Standard 810G, Durabook U12Ci’s dust and shock resistant cover, magnesium alloy chassis and spill-proof LCD and keyboard captured ZAP’s eyes.

By the end of 2013, the entire ZAP ambulance fleet was equipped with Durabook U12Ci rugged convertibles to assist in patient data entry and in-transit monitoring. With Durabook GPS and LTE modules, the ambulatory crew can easily track and search for the right case locations, saving on gas and energy to better care for those who really matter, the patients.  

“We replaced our existing computers with Durabook U12Ci convertible notebooks for several reasons,” said Ricardo Gomez, EMS Manager of ZAP Emergency Medical Services.

“In addition to improvements in weight, ruggedness and speed, the U12Ci is the best value when comparing features to price. Durabook representatives’ attentive customer service and reliable warranty were other reasons we chose the U12Ci over competitors’ products.” 

With a long battery life of more than 10 hours continuous uptime, security features such as the TPM1.2 and more, the U12Ci not only offers ZAP an Ultrabook power performance, it is also affordable on a ruggedized platform. For a mission critical fleet armed with the latest technology and its paramedics geared to provide the best patient care, Durabook U12Ci is the practical and reliable computing solution to ZAP. 

Download this case study in PDF format   

Acing Public Safety: U12C Convertible for Polish Police
When it comes to equipping police field agents with task force devices capable of withstanding the rigors while running missions outside the comfort of the police office, the right choice of ruggedized computer becomes critical.

Nowadays a police cruiser is typically equipped with at least one laptop, giving instant  access to  national  criminal  databases, as well as portable fingerprint scanners, breathalyzer units and other technologies that can identify stolen cars while moving down the street at high speed.

Matching both the budget and functionality requirements of the Polish Police Special Forces, the rugged, 12.1” Durabook convertible was chosen for police field use, where Durabook U12C’s magnesium alloy chassis and design are easily adapted to the extreme heat and humidity, uneven roads, rough driving, and the possibility of violent action in police stakeouts, bank robberies or riot controls.

On the other hand, though the advent of personal smart phones and law enforcement apps have expanded police officers’ data search capability, but the easily accessible data streams via cloud-based gadgets and apps gave way to a much complicated form of policing where cyber-attacks and a prolonged filtering became a burden to the busy officers, demanding heightened levels of training and raised unprecedented civil liberty concerns.

Whereas the Durabook U12 series of laptops solved the problem by offering a better protected and registered platform, on which a more complete set of police internal software was installed to process information on a much more powerful Intel core processor.

The Policja used Durabook U12C on police cruisers, in the vans and when carrying out missions outside the vehicles. While driving the police vehicle, Durabook U12C was able to withstand vibrations resulting from the cracks and bumps on the road and more than capable of surviving the occasional vertical drops during accidents or slip of hand.

Durabook U12C was deployed by the Poland Crime Police, Road Police and Special Police Forces. The U12C was put to the test in a range of temperature from -25°C up to +40°C and a humidity range from 30% to 95% under all possible weather conditions, may it be rain, direct sunlight or snow.

Coupled with Bluetooth, fingerprint scanner, smart card reader and straps for easy shouldering, U12C was seen as the more cost-effective and reliable computing device than reinforced tablets and the much heavier and more expensive fully-rugged notebooks.
“Durabook U12C is undoubtedly the best product for police services,” a representative of the Polish Police Special Forces said with a smile, “This laptop saves us on a ton of paperwork and makes data mining less cumbersome away from the HQ.”

Whether it is running analysis on accidents, robbery and suspect information, accessing police data base online or filling out active web forms by the police officers, the benefits of using U12C products are speeding up work at incident sites and the convenience of fast identification of a potential target or victim.

Download this case study in PDF format