Durabook Expands Rugged Tablet Portfolio with ATEX-Certified Models for Explosive Environments

New R8-EX and U11-EX Windows 11 tablets enable businesses to meet stringent safety requirements for use in hazardous applications such as petrochemical and ...
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DURABOOK Rugged Computers

Rugged Laptops and Tablets Cleaning Guide

This guide outlines how customers should sanitize their devices to reduce the spread of contaminants while ensuring continued performance.

Leading innovation across all industries

Built to meet the heightened needs of industry clients, Durabook’s unmatched rugged computers have everything you need.

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Rugged tablet improves corrosion detection..

To ensure the Maxwell PECT can be used reliably and safely in varied and challenging environments, Maxwell incorporated a sensor, data acquisition electronics, and a Durabook U11I tablet. Maxwell uses exclusively Durabook U11I because of the robustness…

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MZA staff experienced numerous failures with their previous mobile devices. MZA wants to invest in reliable technology that offers the flexibility and efficiency needed for their inspectors to carry out bus inspections and maintenance, complete daily reporting of diagnostics and vehicle performance.

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Durabook U11I with its large touchscreen, similarly sized to the real medical monitor, is able to withstand the tough hospital conditions and powerful enough to run the simulation software.

Rugged Tablets

Purpose-Built for You

You need to handle everyday tasks from inspections to inventory management to compliance reporting efficiently and accurately. That’s why Durabook’s versatile enterprise tablets are designed specially for the demands of your industry. To help you get the job done, our rugged tablets combine sleek design with rock-solid security, durability and performance.

Rugged Laptops

Made for all Situations

Each Durabook laptop comes with unquestionable security, steadfast durability and inordinate performance. With the Windows® operating system, you’ll find they’re just as easy to use as your personal devices. Built tough for challenging situations, this isn’t consumer technology retrofit for business. Instead, these laptops are designed specially for your enterprise and environment.

ATEX Zone 2/22 Certified Rugged Tablets

Durabook provides ATEX Zone 2/22 certifi­ed tablets to assist professionals stay safe. ATEX certi­fication is provided to devices that has undergone the rigorous testing required by European Union directives. Durabook ATEX-compliant products have been proved safe for use in speci­fic situations with explosive atmospheres.