Dualos Takes Flight with Durabook


Dualos is an aerospace value-added distributor, architect, and solution integrations partner for Durabook. Working in collaboration, they provide systems, custom products, and integrated solutions for their collective customer base in the areas of avionics, cyber systems and RF, 5G/6G testing, simulation, and custom architectures.



Many Dualos customers need, expect, and demand full assurance that the laptops and tablets used in their labs and deployed
platforms do not transmit audio, video, or have RF communications. Plus, some customers need rugged, high-performance,
dependable systems that do not allow accidental or easy-to-subvert electronic communications


Working together, Dualos and Durabook created an attractive, cost-effective solution. Using Durabook’s rugged tablet U11 and
laptops S14I and Z14I as bases, they developed the Secure Quiet Dualos exclusive product line. The Secure Quiet Dualos exclusive product line includes a set of upgraded features and no RF, no video, no microphones, and a NIST-compliant BIOS with the ability to turn off any ports, restricting other connectivity.

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