Durabook R8 Forms the Robust Core of Foerster’s TCM Eddy Current Test Devices


The TCM device platform for non-destructive material testing was developed by FOERSTER for mobile use during maintenance work in various areas. For example, it can help to guarantee safe operation in aviation, rail transport or the energy sector. Due to the different fields of application, the hardware must also be ready for use under different environmental
conditions: whether in closed rooms or in open areas; in rain, snow and temperatures below freezing as well as in dusty environments with direct sunlight and strong heat. In order to prove itself as a true universal testing device, the hardware must function error-free in all conceivable scenarios and deliver the most accurate measurement data.


FOERSTER became aware of Durabook, the experienced specialist for robust mobile devices, through a press article. After consulting with Durabook partner Logic instruments, it was decided to use the robust 8-inch tablet Durabook R8 as the basis of its TCM platform. With 12th generation Intel processors, it has the computing power required to carry out a wide range of of applications in eddy current testing.

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