Durabook’s Rugged Laptops Have Kept Commercial Truck Repairs On Schedule


Bay Counties Diesel Service is a full-service diesel truck repair shop located in Northern California specializing in truck and trailer repair, DPF baking and cleaning, and parts sales for all major brands of commercial trucks. Bay Counties Diesel Service’s team of full-time service technicians provide: Fleet Service & Service Inspections, Engine Repair & Rebuilding, Diesel Particulate Filter Oven, Opacity Testing, Full Electrical Diagnostic & Repair, Rebuild Transmission/Differential, Full Air & Hydraulic Brake Service, Electronic Engine, Diagnostics, Complete Fabrication & Welding, and Hydraulic Repair.


Previously, Bay Counties Diesel Service used standard consumer/commercial laptops when diagnosing the commercial trucks and trailers that came into their shop. The problem was that these were not designed for the harsh shop environment and would break after six months to at most one year. The IT team at Bay Counties Diesel Service was looking for an alternative that would handle the dirty shop environment, survive drops from commercial trucks, and be reliable day in and day out. They cannot fix a commercial truck today without a mobile computing solution that can diagnose the problems.


The team at Bay Counties Diesel Service purchased their first Durabook rugged laptop computer in 2013 and immediately saw the advantages of a rugged laptop over a traditional consumer/commercial one. Initially, Bay Counties Diesel Service purchased the Durabook S15C, then the SA14 and have recently upgraded to the Durabook S14I. The service technicians also like the sunlight readable screens of the Durabook laptops, making it easier to run diagnostics and see the results when they are in the trucks.

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