Welcome to DURABOOK’s Repair Service Center, where you can submit your repair (RMA) inquiries for your Durabook products.

Global RMA Request Form



In certain cases, we need your response(s) to complete the RMA process. If for any reason, we can not get in touch with you after several attempts by phone, email, and regular mail, we reserve the right to recycle your computer.

Note 1. For Out Of Warranty repair item, customer will be responsible for the cost of parts, labor and the return shipping & handling. Customer will also be charged for diagnostic fee. If the customer decides to proceed with the repair, this diagnostic fee amount can be applied to the final cost of the labor. If customer rejects repair, customer will be responsible for the diagnostic fee payment. Durabook reserves the right to hold shipment until all payment is cleared.
Note 2. Durabook is not responsible for any data LOST or DAMAGED in the hard drive. We WILL REFORMAT your hard drive as necessary to repair the notebook. It is the user’s responsibility to back-up any data (either application or files) from the hard drive
before shipping.
Note 3. If Durabook determines that a product arrived in insecure or unreliable packaging, Durabook will charge for standard packaging to return ship.
Note 4. The RMA is valid only for the items originally listed on the request form and is valid for 30 days from the issue date. Items shipped without a proper RMA inquiry will be returned without being repaired.
Note 5. Unauthorized use of Durabook’s shipping account will result in RMA unit being held until account is refunded.

Product Information


For more information on Durabook products or technical support inquiries, our Durabook customer support representatives are happy to help you! Please submit an online case via the Technical Support Form.