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Below is a list of our upcoming webinars:

Best Practice in Public Safety & EMS

Thursday 18 June, 9.00 AM -10.00 AM (UTC/GMT +01:00)

ProfessionalGrade Devices for the Field Workforce

Thursday 16 July, 9.00 AM -10.00 AM (UTC/GMT +01:00)

Flexibility ‒ The Right Device to Drive Your Business

Thursday 13 August, 9.00 AM -10.00 AM (UTC/GMT +01:00)

Our Quality, Our Commitment.

Thursday 10 September, 9.00 AM -10.00 AM (UTC/GMT +01:00)

Past webinars:

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Durabook Inside

Thursday, 21 May, 9.00 AM -10.00 AM (UTC/GMT +01:00)

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Upcoming topic:

Best Practice in Public Safety & EMS

  • Tablets – R11 Series & U11I
  • Cleaning & Disinfection Guideline