23 Ago 2021

Durabook partners with SmartTech to launch a series of climatic rugged solution

We are pleased to announce the completion of the first series of the climatic rugged solution using the Durabook Z14I laptop by our authorised reseller partner SmartTech.

The solution – mobile computing complex (ZMVK TsF31 – MASHL.466219.004-01 TU) is formed on the basis of the Durabook Z14I rugged laptop, aimed to use in conditions of extreme low temperatures (down to -50° C). The model is equipped with a high contrast 14-inch TFT FHD display (1000 nits), which allows you to work comfortably in any application, even in bright sunlight. Durabook Z14I is IP65 and MIL-STD-810H certified, which comes with additional features such as explosive atmosphere, solar radiation, salt fog and fungus resistance. In addition, it had passed the 6-feet drop test and it is MIL-STD-461G and ANSI-C1D2 certified, making it more durable than ever. The ZMVK TsF31 complex can also accommodate additional factory options, such as the media bay of the Z14I laptop.

SmartTech – Durabook’s authorized reseller partner, has many years of experience in taking into account design features and customer requirements and has expertise in upgrading and revising protected laptops and tablets from different manufacturers. The developed winter operational cover does not limit the capabilities of computing technology – both the keyboard and touch screen remains operational both during and after the tests. It is also possible to connect to additional devices, such as a mouse manipulator, a printer, etc. The cover features additional protection for the computing equipment from adverse pressures, such as precipitation, dust and mechanical stress, while maintaining the IP65 certification requirements. In the production of the Winter Operational Cover, special materials is used to ensure the preservation of heat for a longer battery life, and properties are not lost at extreme low temperatures (down to -50° C).

This product is intended for use in various industries (including the military), and in the facilities of the oil and gas and chemical complex of the Russian Federation.