19 Mai 2020

Durabook Unveils First Rugged Tablet with Intel’s 10th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor

Durabook’s U11I is the first rugged tablet built with the 10th generation Intel® Core™ Processor to deliver more power and performance for public safety, emergency services, healthcare, field, and utility workers.

Updated Fully Rugged Tablet

Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions brand owned by Twinhead International Corporation, today announced significant updates to its popular 11.6” U11I fully rugged tablet to deliver more power, reliability and functionality. It is the first rugged tablet to include the 10th generation Intel® Core™ Processor, which boosts performance by up to 260% on the previous model. It also includes Durabook’s signature quick release PCIe SSD storage drive that can easily be removed and fanless design.

« At Durabook, we design devices to meet the ever evolving needs of customers who rely on rugged technology to streamline workflows and improve productivity,” said Twinhead CEO Fred Kao. “The new U11I tablet delivers secure and fast data processing and boundless customisation capabilities required by a range of industries from healthcare to public safety and emergency services, manufacturing to utilities and defence. »

The U11I comes with an embedded smart card reader and is the only rugged tablet available today with the option of adding a second smart card reader and RFID reader via an expansion module. This allows for secure user authentication and safe collection and transfer of sensitive data and information such as electronic patient records. This feature has proven essential in assisting ambulance crews, by enabling them to quickly access historical patient information, which may help treatment, and record a diagnosis to be securely sent to the hospital before arrival.

The new U11I model boasts improved performance and power with the latest 10th generation Intel® Core™ Processor, and optimal graphics performance with Intel UHD, to easily handle data-intensive tasks. The standard built-in battery will last up to 13.5 hours, or 24 hours with a hi-cap battery option, assuring a consistent use throughout an entire shift, and the hot-swappable battery allows five minutes of power between swaps to ensure no downtime. The U11I features a military grade SSD storage device – also available with SATA interface or with PCIe – that can be quickly and easily removed without having to open covers — saving time and effort. Connectivity is significantly improved for workers in more remote locations with Intel Dual Band Wireless AC9260 and Bluetooth V5.0, which is capable of connecting multiple devices at once, for high speed transferral or retrieval of important reporting data or for viewing user manuals. High levels of GPS accuracy are delivered by a u-blox module to support workers doing mapping or planning work.

The U11I is rugged with MIL-STD-810G and ANSI certifications, and an IP65 rating, which means it can withstand low and high temperatures, shocks, vibrations and drops of up to six feet. For optimal use both indoors and outdoors, the U11I has an 11.6” 1,000 nits FHD display with four different touch modes – finger touch, glove and stylus – and operates seamlessly in the rain. Durabook’s DynaVue® sunlight readable technology provides a high contrast ratio to eliminate reflection and deliver exceptional clarity to support workers operating in bright outdoor environments, even in direct sunlight.

More information

For full specs and more information, please visit the U11I product page.