10 Déc 2020

Making Sense of Rugged Computer Certifications & Standards

Rugged computers from laptops to tablets enable workers at private or public utilities to work reliably outside and in challenging environments. They provide versatility and portability. Not only do rugged computers offer portability and versatility, but they are also designed and manufactured to operate reliably in harsh environments that standard commercial computers would never survive. […]
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03 Déc 2020

Durabook’s Rugged Computers Keep Bay Counties Diesel Service on Schedule

FREMONT, Calif., December 1, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Durabook Americas, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rugged computing solutions, has kept Bay Counties Diesel Service (BCDS) up and running, improving both the company’s bottom line and customer satisfaction with the rugged laptops since 2013. BCDS provides full-service diesel truck repair to commercial trucking companies and independent operators […]
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19 Oct 2020

What to Look for When Purchasing a Rugged Computer

Author – Tom Wang The ability to be connected has become critical for today’s law enforcement officer, and rugged computers are ideal for the outdoor environment that field officers operate in. They provide versatility and portability. And most importantly, they are designed and built to work in environments that commercial computers would never survive. The […]
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14 Oct 2020

Is the Durabook Z14I Laptop Really Durable?

Author: Lt. Frank Borelli (ret) Every now and then we’ll get a request to review a product, or to “test and evaluate” a product where we have to give the manufacturer a warning up front: if they say it will do something, it had better do it. If they say it will take X amount […]
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29 Sep 2020

Durabook Z14I Rugged Laptop Offers Endless Customization Possibilities

Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions brand owned by Twinhead International Corporation, offers boundless customization capabilities to users of its Z14I fully-rugged laptop. The unit’s endless configuration possibilities assure users of the power, flexibility, functionality, and data security that they need for their specific applications.
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27 Août 2020

Case Study: Coral Reef Research Foundation has been Using Rugged Laptops to further Their Mission for over 14 Years

The Challenge Coral Reef Research Foundation (CRRF) required a rugged mobile computing solution that could handle the unique challenges of an ocean-based research foundation: heat, sea air, saltwater, humidity and rough seas. They faced the additional challenge of having legacy hardware for monitoring that required serial ports, which was no longer available on most of […]
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