30 Апр 2021

Rugged PC Review: Slim and light semi-rugged laptop S14I boasts impressive design and connectivity, and superior 11th gen Intel Core power

Now Durabook is doubling down on its commitment with an updated version of the S14I, one that serves notice to the «Big Three» that Durabook is here to stay and they better watch out. Because this time Durabook isn’t only raising the standard in ruggedness, it raises the standard in performance as well. […]

With the latest update, Durabook S14I semi-rugged laptop presents a thoroughly modern tool for customers who require class-leading high-performance computing power out there in the field, in vehicles, on the shop floor, or wherever else a tablet or a handheld just won’t do. It’s an attractive, businesslike machine with a very bright, reflection-free 14-inch wide-format display, good connectivity, good battery life, and superior performance. […]

Designed for demanding markets like public safety, government, military and field service, the DURABOOK S14I, with its magnesium alloy chassis and bottom, feels exceptionally solid and should hold up for a long time. However, even with IP53 sealing, it is not a fully waterproof design (open cooling vents to inside on side and bottom). Examine ruggedness specs to see if they match your requirements.

Overall, with the newly upgraded DURABOOK S14I, Durabook has a very strong performer in the hotly contested market of semi-rugged laptops. — Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, April 2021

Read the full review here: https://www.ruggedpcreview.com/3_notebooks_durabook_s14i_2021.html.