15 Янв 2024

Durabook Supports Scientific Exploration ‘Scales of the Forest’ in the Amazon

A scientific expedition into the heart of the Amazon, aiming to identify new animal and plant species while assessing the status of known ones, benefited from Durabook’s cutting-edge rugged U11I device.

Led by renowned herpetologist Damien Lecouvey and photographers Matthieu Berroneau and Vincent Premel, the ‘Scales of the Forest’ project worked closely with members of the Kichwa community for 30 days to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the forest and conserving natural biodiversity.

To work in this challenging environment, the team worked with Durabook to develop a customised U11I tablet that could enable data collection while coping with average temperatures of 32°C and 95% humidity. The tablet’s high-capacity SSD hard drive, battery life up to 10 hours, micro-SD card reader and 1.5kg form have made it a precious ally in this pioneering scientific research.


We needed reliable computer equipment, as we collect a huge amount of data in the field. The impossibility of recharging batteries in the forest meant that we needed equipment with a large battery. We needed to have great confidence in our equipment; the loss of data would have contributed to the failure of part of the scientific mission.” Damien Lecouvey herpetologist and expedition leader.