13 Янв 2022

Rugged PC Review: DURABOOK Z14I fully-rugged laptop

Updated version of Durabook’s powerful fully-rugged laptop takes on the established competition with modern design, impressive build and protection, and vast built-in customization potential. The super-duty Z14I is a contender in the fully-rugged laptop class and Durabook clearly aims to put the pressure on the heavyweight competition […], all targeted at customers who need more […]
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23 Ноя 2021

Rugged Computers Hold the Key to Unlocking Value Buried in Reams of Digital Information

Digitalization and workforce mobility are radically changing the way companies operate. As new technologies are adopted, work processes become more streamlined; access to and sharing information becomes more efficient; data becomes more prevalent, and analytics brings greater intelligence. Companies and organizations in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, public safety, and utilities are already experiencing […]
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26 Авг 2021

Durabook Rugged Computers Provide Oil and Gas Field Workers Protected Mobile Solutions

Units Include Ultimate Computer Power, Real-Time Connectivity, Long-Life Battery, Full HD 1080p Display, and ANSI/ISA C1D2 Certification.  Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions brand owned by Twinhead International Corporation, offers a range of rugged computers for field workers in the oil and gas industry, where they are considered essential tools. Durabook rugged computers are up to the […]
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23 Авг 2021

Durabook и SmartTech запускают серию климатически защищенных решений

Мы рады объявить о завершении первой серии климатически защищенного решения с использованием ноутбука Durabook Z14I нашим авторизованным партнером-реселлером SmartTech. Решение — мобильный вычислительный комплекс (ЗМВК Z14I/-50C — MASHL.466219.004-01 ТОТ), созданный на   основе защищенного  ноутбука Durabook Z14I, предназначенного для использования в условиях экстремальных низких температур (до -50 ° C).Модель оснащена высококонтрастным 14-дюймовым дисплеем TFT FHD (1000 единиц), […]
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28 Июл 2021

Durabook Introduces New Advanced Z14I Fully-Rugged Laptop

More Rugged Than Ever, the Z14I is the Toughest Fully-Rugged Laptop Featuring the Highest Performance and Infinite Possibilities for Users in Challenging Environments Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions brand owned by Twinhead International Corporation, announced today the introduction of its dramatically upgraded Z14I fully-rugged laptop. The unit includes a slew of remarkable features, including […]
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pcmag review s14i
16 Июл 2021

The All New Durabook S14I Rugged Laptop Review — PC MAG

S14I Review Buyers of rugged laptops, sturdy systems designed to be bolted to first responders’ dashboards or dropped onto rocky ground, make a distinction between «semi-rugged» and «fully rugged» notebooks—machines rated to survive a fall of three feet versus six feet, say, or pouring rain versus a high-pressure hose. Its maker calls the Durabook S14I ($3,004 […]
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Detachable membrane backlit keyboard
30 Июн 2021

U11I Fully Rugged 2-in-1 Tablet with Innovative Detachable Rugged Keyboard

2-in-1 Rugged Computing Solution Increases Productivity and Flexibility. Designed for Any Industry Where Workers Constantly Switch Between Office and Field Settings. Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions brand owned by Twinhead International Corporation, introduced its enhanced 2-in-1 rugged computing solution with the addition of a versatile, innovative keyboard to its popular U11I rugged tablet. This […]
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