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Durabook specializes in the development and manufacturing of customizable rugged and semi-rugged laptops and mobile tablets. Each Durabook mobile device offers multiple hardware options and configurations to create mission-specialized and application-specific computers.Durabook has developed a loyal customer base around the globe, which includes the U.S. Armed Forces, public safety agencies, field service organizations, as well as companies that specialize in oil & gas, logistics, healthcare, utilities, and automotive industries. Durabook has become synonymous with durable, affordable, and customizable configurations at a competitive offering.

Law Enforcement CASE STUDY

“Modern law enforcement is heavily dependent on technology, when a device is down, the officer is down. Reliability is everything. ” — Rob Crow, Chief Technician, Grayson County

The Sheriff’s Office, with approximately 190 employees, is responsible for being the responding law enforcement agency for one-third of the County’s population including the unincorporated areas and small towns which lack police departments. While many of the Sheriff’s Office employees work the county jail, 40 officers drive the county’s roads each day…..



boundless customization

The Z14I fully rugged laptop, engineered for the extreme conditions faced by military and field service personnel around the globe. The sleek design of the Z14I features an unprecedented range of built-in customization possibilities, proprietary DynaVue® technology, 14-inch Full HD sunlight readable multi-touch display, and hot-swappable battery technology for non-stop power.

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