23 May 2017

DURABOOK Rugged Computers Offer High-Performance, Cost-Effective Solutions for Government Professionals

FREMONT, Calif., March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Regardless of what level of government you work in – be it some massive federal agency or a small rural township, you face the same challenges when it comes to purchasing computers to fit your agency or department’s needs. It pretty much comes down to: will it do what you need it to do; is it adaptable to your unique requirements; how secure is it; will it stand up to harsh use and/or environments; can it be used here, there, and everywhere; and – maybe most important – how much is it going to cost you?

That’s a lot of boxes to check, and unless this is your first day on the job, you already know there are as many choices out there as there are constituents with opinions. So, how do you choose the best match for your requirements? GammaTech’s DURABOOK rugged computers would provide a great solution!

GammaTech’s DURABOOK rugged computers offer the functionality, security, durability, capability and mobility necessary for government professionals to get their jobs done from virtually anywhere

GammaTech is a major international, award-winning manufacturer and supplier of innovative notebook and tablet computers. Its line of DURABOOK rugged products has long been a trusted name and resource, well known for its reliability, durability, and mobile capabilities. Further setting DURABOOK apart from its many competitors is its ability to both provide more advanced configurations and offer a more complete solution through its renowned customization program.

“Our R11 fully rugged tablet, R8300 fully rugged notebook, and S15AB and SA14 rugged notebooks make ideal solutions for use in any government application,” stated Tom Wang, GammaTech president. “Each offers the functionality, security, durability, capability, and mobility necessary for government workers to do their jobs securely, efficiently, and from virtually anywhere. Each may be customized exactly to the user’s specifications, and are covered by the DURABOOK Peace of Mind (POM) three-year warranty.”

The DURABOOK R11 features the latest TPM2.0 technology, assuring sensitive data and critical workflows are securely accessible. Integrated CAC readers or fingerprint scanners in models SA14, R8300, and R11 protect data access from unauthorized users, while FIPS validation assures sensitive information security. A quick release HDD protects data security in case of an emergency; while with just one click, all sounds and emitting lights can be turned off with all programs remain running in the background.

The R11 features a dual RFID option that provides a wider user scenario as well as more productivity and flexibility. A special reader board supports both low and high-frequency technologies simultaneously. A native Circuit Card Interface Device (CCID) implementation supports Windows®, LINUX®, and Mac® operating systems, eliminating the need to install special drivers.

The R11 also has the ability to support 1D/2D barcode scanning with higher resolution and reading ability. It also has a class-leading motion tolerance of 400 in/s that delivers a distinct performance advantage, resulting in snappier scans and less hassle.

Backlit keyboards and sunlight-readable displays, found in models R11, SA14, and R8300 are especially useful for working in bright sunlight or under glaring-lighting indoors.

All four models meet MIL-STD-810G rating, assuring shock, drop and vibration protection. They also have various IP ratings to ensure there is no water and dust intrusion. Each also operates in high altitude (up to 15,000 feet) and in weather conditions to -22°F. The R11 also carries an ANSI ISA standard 12.12.01 certification, meaning it is fit for use in hazardous locations.

The advanced Intel CPU included in SA14 ensures top-notch performance by providing 10% more CPU performance and a huge 22% increase in memory performance as well as 1.5 hours-longer battery life. It also includes Intel® HD Graphics 520 that features ultra-low-voltage power consumption, a significant improvement compared to Intel HD 4000. The unit’s Advanced DDR4 represents more efficiency and more speed than DDR3, using up to 20% less power while being twice as fast.

Mobility is often a key ingredient in government work. The SA14 offers the latest Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip and dedicated GPS software, and supports LTE high-speed wireless communications to provide real-time information exchange. Both R11 and SA14 also offer vehicle and dock options that support RF pass through for seamless work as it happens. All four models provide several connection options such as Ethernet, WI-FI, Bluetooth, or even Gobi technology with 4G and GPS connection/navigation capability.

Some federal agents must stay connected with the data center, which requires all-day battery power. An advanced CPU chip using ultra-low power, and either a hot-swappable battery (SA14, R8300) or extended battery pack (R11) enable these DURABOOK products to provide up to 16 hours of power.

Both the R11 and S15AB are the lightest and thinnest models in their respective categories: the R11 at just 2.7 pounds and 0.78″ in thickness, and the S15AB at only 5.7 pounds and 1.16″ in thickness, despite having a large 15.6″ display. An ergonomic hard-handle design, found on models SA14, S15AB, R8300, makes the units easier to move.

DURABOOK in Government
DURABOOK rugged computers are trusted by military branches in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and North America. In the United States, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines all rely on DURABOOK laptops and tablets to achieve work without compromise in the most demanding and critical environments.

These GammaTech DURABOOK rugged computers are available through authorized resellers nationwide and at www.GammaTechUSA.com.

GammaTech Award-Winning Products
GammaTech has a well-earned reputation and a long history in producing computers for the rugged market. It has been named a multiple winner in Government Security News’ Homeland Security Awards in the Best Rugged Computers category.

About GammaTech Computer Corporation
GammaTech is a leader in the design, manufacture and sales of cost-effective, high-performance mobile computing solutions throughout North America. Its award-winning line of rugged and hardened notebook and tablet computers are designed and built-to-order to increase mobile productivity for business, government, healthcare, fire, public safety and a host of other entities. GammaTech offers a complete portfolio of products that delivers power and performance needed in the most demanding work environments, resulting in increased productivity and accelerated return on investment. GammaTech is headquartered in Fremont, California, which provides the final assembly, inventory, service and technical support.

For more information, visit GammaTech at www.GammaTechUSA.com.

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