26 Jul 2017

Rugged Mobile Computer Maverick GammaTech Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2017

GammaTech Computer Corporation is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month. Founded in 1987, GammaTech is the North American branch of Twinhead International Corporation. Best known for its DURABOOK brand of rugged laptops, tablets, and all-in-one computers, the company has a long history in the U.S. mobile device market.

“The devices our customer’s purchase are critical to the success of their missions,” said Tom Wang, President, GammaTech. “When it comes to government, law enforcement and the support of critical infrastructure, businesses want to partner with a company that has extensive market expertise and delivers on reliability and performance, but also one that will be around if they need assistance. With 30 years in the mobility space and a focus on rugged computing solutions designed to operate in environments where failure is not an option, GammaTech is a company our customers and partners can trust. We look forward to the next 30 years of partnership, and innovation.”

Early Years
GammaTech distributed its lines of laptop computers, including the Slimnote, Superlap, Supernote, and Efio brands, and also manufactured devices for well-known consumer brands. This practice spanned from the 1980s into the new millennium, at which point the company realized shifts in the market would require it to forge a new path.

Due to increasing commoditization in the PC industry, GammaTech adjusted its business model to focus on industrial and application-specific systems like those used by the military, public safety, oil & gas and field service organizations. This move allowed the company to leverage its expertise in designing, manufacturing and supporting mobility solutions, in a more differentiated and less crowded market.

Rugged Beginnings
In 2000, the company manufactured its first military-grade rugged notebook, the N1400, which was designed to meet MIL-STD-810F specifications for drop and vibration, and featured an Intel Pentium 4 processor running Windows XP.

DURABOOK Introduction
In 2002, the company launched its line of DURABOOK rugged notebooks. The DURABOOK N15RI featured a magnesium alloy case, a spill proof keyboard, and shock resistant LCD and hard drive mounts. The device was powered by an Intel® Pentium® M processor, ran Windows XP and was designed to meet MIL-STD-810F specifications for drop and vibration.

The DURABOOK line quickly expanded – now featuring ruggedized laptops, tablets, and all-in-one computers – to meet the demands of customers in a broad range of markets that require rugged mobility solutions. Known for reliability, performance and attractive acquisition costs, the DURABOOK brand now has a loyal customer base around the globe, including most branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, public safety agencies across the country, numerous field service organizations, as well as companies in oil & gas, logistics, healthcare, utilities and automotive markets.

Not only does the company create its rugged solutions, it is also a sought-after ODM, creating military-grade mobile computers for defense contractors and other device suppliers.

Besides offering the DURABOOK line of rugged computers, tablets, and all-in-one computers, GammaTech partners with AETools, Data911, and others to create market-specific solutions for areas like service diagnostics and public safety.

“Service diagnostics and programming is a demanding market for any mobile device,” said Joey Hendrich, CEO, AETools & Computers. “Our customers need a solution that combines enterprise-leading software on a device that can be treated like any other one of the technician’s tools. For 13 years we’ve used Durabook devices to meet this need. With GammaTech as a partner, we get the best rugged devices, service, and support we could ask for.”

GammaTech also partners with respected installers to deliver valuable solutions to its target markets.

“Customers in markets like public safety, utilities, energy, field service, transportation, and government have unique and demanding needs,” said Reuben Powell General Manager and Director of Operations at Precision Mounting Technologies Ltd. “By designing, manufacturing and assembling mounting systems in-house, we can maintain rigorous quality control and deliver world-class solutions. We only partner with companies that have the same dedication to excellence. We’ve worked with GammaTech for four years and have found their DURABOOK products and support team to be exceptional. We deliver a great solution together and hope to maintain our partnership well into the future.”

GammaTech Timeline & Milestones

1987: GammaTech USA established as the North American branch of Twinhead International Corporation
1980s: ODM for top-tier laptop computer brands
1991: Introduced the Supernote and Slimnote laptops, both 386sx devices with VGA screens for under $3,500
1990s: Introduced its Superlap, and Efio laptop brands
2000: ODMd first rugged MIL-STD-810E device, 8.4” tablet running Windows XP tablet PC edition
2000: Company’s first military-grade rugged computer, the N1400
2002: First DURABOOK branded semi-rugged laptop, the DURABOOK D14RI
2008: Company’s first fully rugged medical tablet PC (MCA) based on Intel reference architecture, the MT10
2009: ODMd its first rugged MIL-STD-810F device, 13.3” fully rugged laptop running Windows Vista Business or Windows XP
2013: Introduced a 10.1” semi-rugged Windows tablet, the DURABOOK CA10
2013: Introduced the 14” semi-rugged Windows laptop, the DURABOOK SA14
2014: Introduced its fully-rugged laptop—an evolution of a product it ODMd for a major defense contractor—the DURABOOK R8300
2014: Introduced its first all-in-one (AIO) medical-grade device, the DURABOOK P24
2014: Introduced fully rugged 11” Windows tablet, the DURABOOK R11
2015: Introduced its latest semi-rugged laptop, the DURABOOK S15AB

30th Anniversary Rebate Program
From September 1, 2017, through October 31, 2017, GammaTech will celebrate its 30th Anniversary with a special rebate offer on its SA14 and S15AB models. Resellers can find program details at the DURABOOK partner portal. Interested customers can visit the “Where to Buy” section of the GammaTech website to locate an Authorized DURABOOK reseller.

GammaTech Support Services
To help its customers address the challenges and complexity of deploying and managing their mobility solutions, GammaTech offers a wide range of support services, including device customization, consulting, disk imaging, deployment assistance, installation, extended and no-fault warranty options, warranty depot repair center with 48 hour turn-around-time, live call center, device retirement, and an online support center for drivers and manuals.

DURABOOK rugged computers are available from authorized resellers. All products include a standard three-year warranty. Sales inquiries for DURABOOK products should be directed to sales(at)gammatechusa(dot)com or 800-995-8946.

About GammaTech Computer Corporation
GammaTech Computer Corporation is the North American branch of Twinhead International Corporation, a leading manufacturer and customizer of rugged computing solutions, including the globally acclaimed DURABOOK brand. Driven to meet customer needs, DURABOOK devices are designed, manufactured and tested in-house to assure maximum quality and reliability. These cost-effective ruggedized laptops, tablets, and all-in-one PCs are high-performance solutions that increase productivity, drive a clear return on investment and deliver a low total cost of ownership for government and enterprise customers in markets like oil & gas, power & utilities, field service, military, and public safety.

GammaTech Computer Corporation, headquartered in Fremont, California, provides final assembly, inventory, services, and technical support. For more information on GammaTech and the DURABOOK product line, visit http://www.GammaTechUSA.com.

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