12 Apr 2023

Durabook’s Rugged Solution for AE Tools & Computers Mixes Portable Computing with Motor Oil

The tough yet elegant S14I rugged laptop is a customizable platform for the service bay backed by equally durable support

Durabook, an innovator in purpose-built, rugged mobile computing solutions, today announced it is supplying AE Tools & Computers with the Durabook S14I Rugged Laptop, customizing the platform to run incompatible OEM programs, and also creating a custom product support model.

AE Tools & Computers provides the automotive aftermarket repair shops, heavy-duty repair facilities, and locksmiths with OEM-level diagnostic solutions and dealer-level support for on-car computer programming, immobilizer, and security-related issues, along with scan tool maintenance and repair.

Computers have been part of automobiles for decades, so today’s mechanics also wear a technician’s hat. Independent repair shops require multiple OEM diagnostic and repair programs that sometimes won’t operate on the same hard drive. Running many different computers for these programs isn’t economical or practical.

Adding to the computing challenge, mechanics still work in bays with concrete floors, and automobiles still require motor oil, just a couple of things that generally don’t mix well with mobile computers. In this less-than-ideal environment mobile computers occasionally get dropped like wrenches.

“We chose the Durabook S14I Rugged Laptop as the platform for our diagnostic solution, based on the device’s balance of performance, durability, functionality, and price,” said Mike Norris, Director of Technology at AE Tools & Computers. “As well, Durabook collaborated with us to solve computing system challenges with a proprietary and elegant approach, and created a custom support model to meet our demanding requirements around service.”

“Computing and technology are reaching into every industry, every challenging work environment, and being put in the hands of almost every kind of worker,” said Sasha Wang, President, Durabook Americas. “We are committed to formulating and building our product line to the highest standards of performance and endurance and to pair that with innovative and effective customer support.”

AE Tools is also able to offer their customers the ability to remotely manage the repair shop’s laptops if there is a problem.

The S14I Rugged Laptop is engineered to combine military-grade durability, field-worker functionality, computing performance, and long battery life for non-stop use. The customizable S14I includes a native serial port or PCMCIA card slots that allows older automotive hardware to connect without the use of unreliable and easily lost serial bus adaptors. It meets the standards of MIL-STD-810H; withstands up to a 4-foot drop; and boasts an IP53 rating.

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