Account Executive for Public Safety and Enterprise

Friday, Feb. 11, 2019

Working Location: West Coast

POSITION: Account Executive for Public Safety and Enterprise

BACKGROUND: Durabook Americas is a leading manufacturer of rugged computing solutions, including the DURABOOK line of notebooks, tablets and all-in-one computers.

Durabook is seeking Account Executives to develop and grow the sales of our Durabook line of rugged mobile computing solutions and accessories. Current open territory includes Southeast and West Coast positions.


– Must be able to independently uncover or follow leads gathered by other activities within Durabook, quickly qualify them, and formulate & implement action plans to develop them into opportunities.

– Take ownership of the business as if it is one’s own utilizing the resources Durabook provides. Be the entrepreneur creating and fulfilling demand for Durabook offerings.

– Manage the strategic direction of your accounts and opportunities. Relying on yourself and team resources to implement the direction and grow the business accordingly. Work closely with the Durabook Team to make sure they are aware of your efforts and overall direction to help support your efforts.

– Manage each sales opportunity from beginning to end. Track all emerging demand for all relevant activities within Durabook with opportunities you’re tracking and customer base it is supporting.

– Create opportunities by connecting the dots from disparate elements that appear unrelated but are actually intertwined and can result in successful business. Do so by developing a keen understanding of the customers’ organizational structure, issues/problems they are seeking solutions for, and your Durabook resources and capabilities, imagining how these elements can be interconnected to form opportunities and business propositions.

– Guide yourself and other resources within Durabook to influence and shape customers’ demand by becoming aware of them first, stay ahead of them in all phases of the procurement, and prepare to bid and win with your partners when the requirement is finalized and released to the public by having the most advantageous solutions (technical, business, & partnership) ready.

– Work closely with your team on procurements by managing Durabook’ relationship with the potential customers and business partners as necessary and appropriate. Be a “force multiplier” for Durabook by intervening where and when appropriate to enhance the solution, accelerate the proposal preparation effort, and increase your percentage of winning.

– Understand all the specific details of the customer requirements. If they cannot be satisfied with Durabook offerings on existing contracts, then initiate, lead, advocate, and innovate the development of technical and business solutions for such requirements. Factor in higher margins commensurate with complex solutions. At the same time, use the opportunities to ingratiate one’s self with the customers by virtue of being able to offer unique capabilities and services.

– For each emerging opportunity, quickly identify the partners that Durabook must enlist to develop the solutions and register the opportunity with them as soon as possible for registered pricing.

– Maintain an opportunity pipeline at least three times larger than one’s revenue and margin targets at all times.

– Focus a majority of time on communicating and meeting with customers and partners. Getting in front of customers for face-to-face meetings should be the priority. Be able to brief your chain of command on your schedule of commitment showing a persistent and sustained pursuit of business, existing or new.

– Research your customers, their requirements, build a business case for each travel requirement, and document it in a CRM database before expending company resources to do so. Make sure each trip is fully justified from money and time management perspectives.

– Bring customers’ perspectives to the Product Development, Product Management, and Engineering teams to influence their work in the goal of on-going product and solution development that are of interest to other Durabook customers.

– Develop an annual business plan under the guidance of the President of Durabook that supports your assigned territory and revenue/margin goals. Business plans would include information such as targeted customers & opportunities, products and contract positioning, partnership formation, high level marketing efforts, etc.


– Strong work ethic and ability to multi-task on a sustained basis

– Persistent and patient in pursuing opportunities

– Strong analytical skills and must possess the ability to separate “the wheat from the chaff” efficiently in determining when and where to focus one’s own and company resources

– Minimum five years of experience selling products and solutions to Public Safety Accounts

– Thoroughly familiar with sales practices employed in the computer industry and Public Safety Accounts

– Able to demonstrate a successful track record in sales

– Must have knowledge and experience with the acquisition practice of Public Safety Business.

– Must be totally customer/market focused

– Excellent presentation and interpersonal networking skills

– Strong written/oral communication and negotiating skills

– Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, science, or engineering

– Previous Public Safety employment a plus