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Where the Opportunities Lie

New Vertical Play

Renewed technology investment from manufacturing, logistics and warehousing that are striving to cope with skyrocketing online sales and continuously high demand present growth areas for rugged sales. Healthcare, public safety and medical sectors have also been busier both in terms of direct patient care, as well as in testing, research and development environments.

Markets with Existing Need

The use of new technologies such as rugged devices designed to maximize efficiency can be critical to a company’s success. Therefore, channel players in this space are likely to continue to be well positioned to serve those markets where demand is usually high.


Most customers consider their technology requirements holistically. This is where customization and flexibility are key. When developing propositions for rugged devices, the channel should be thinking beyond the device and its individual features, and presenting a solutions-focused proposition, which wins out every time.

Digital Transformations

In order to successfully navigate the fundamental changes, companies need new network skills and a holistic-systemic understanding of digital change. The capacities for processing digital data will increase massively, with growth driven by digitally enhanced offerings, processes and transactions in each industry.

How to Maximize the Opportunities

Here are top five ways that the channel can create differentiated rugged mobile device propositions that will drive sales and return a profit.

Case Studies

Read our case studies to learn how we have worked with partners from all over the world to help them enhance their workforce and customers.

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“Working with Durabook is like being the manufacturer as they treat you well. The support is excellent, products stand out and bring a lot of value compared to other brands, three year ADP included no other vendor offers this, their staff is very professional, and support is excellent.”

Gary Faircloth, National Sales Manager at ProTech Castle Rock.

“Durabook has one of the best channel support and customer service I have seen in my 30 years in business. The staff from the company, all the way to sales and customer service teams, are prompt in getting back to resellers with solutions and answers. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for rugged portable computing devices.”

Alan Shad, President at Rugged Notebooks.

“Beyond simply having a great product, the people at Durabook understand our pain points and are eager to help us match our customers with the right tech solutions for their needs. Lead times are short even with highly customizable products, and our sales rep is never more than a phone call away.”

Bob Johnson, CEO at Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff.

“Overall, we make savings, create more profit and have lower costs per sale with Durabook. We are consistently seeing higher margins, faster time to delivery, flexibility and customisation and better after service support.”

Latifa Hamdan, Sales Director at Akhter.

“Durabook is able to respond directly to the end customer’s needs and achieve fast delivery times. The team is always customer-focused. Fast delivery means fast manufacturing process and delivering products to their clients faster than the lead-time of others.”

Bruno Vatin, Head of Sales at Logic Instrument.