Berkeley County Case Study


Within the field of law enforcement, Officers are heavily reliant on their mobile technology for reliability under all conditions, while constantly providing real-time data and connectivity. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department, in Berkeley County West Virginia, is no different. Their Officers needed a solution that could handle extreme temperatures, vibration, provide sunlight readability and connectivity to the latest peripheral devices to support their field activity.


The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department selected the Durabook R11 rugged tablet due to its space-saving touchscreen design, solid state drive, powerful processing, and robust connectivity options. The R11 was implemented in 2017 and featured 8GB of Ram, 128GB SSD and was secured with a locking PMT docking station with genuine Durabook connectors. The 10-point capacitive touchscreen eliminated the need for a keyboard, significantly reducing the footprint of the device.

Additionally, the R11 allows for the use of apps previously not accessible from the legacy device. The latest Bluetooth and WiFi provides seamless connectivity to the in-vehicle Cradle Point IBR900 device providing continuous access to AT&T FirstNet, body cam and vehicle cam and other real-time data applications. The high-resolution sunlight readable display allows the Officers to review body cam and vehicle cam footage in real-time. In addition to providing a secure vehicle mount, the PMT docking station with genuine Durabook connectors provides continuous operation while allowing the user to position the R11 for optimal viewing and ergonomics.


The Durabook R11 rugged tablet allows the Officers to interact with real-time data more efficiently using a sunlight readable touchscreen display. The R11offers rugged durability and can handle the extreme temperatures within the vehicle without showing signs of screen peeling or wear all while standing up to the everyday vibration with its 128SSD.

Since the implementation of the R11 in the cruisers, Officers now have access to apps that were previously not compatible with their previous device. This new functionality allows Officers to capture and review license plate scanners as well as vehicle and body cam footage in real-time, as well as connect to peripheral devices wirelessly in a more compact solution.

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