Durabook goes the extra mile with Industrial Video & Control


IVC had discovered that the laptops in their MobileVision surveillance systems were a point of weakness in durability and availability. They sought a cost-effective and reliable, rugged laptop especially for the ‘law enforcement version’ of their system, which uses a more heavy-duty trailer and more rugged components overall. The laptop would have to keep working through all potential perils of a deployment, including riding over rough terrain, temperature extremes, dusty environments, being exposed to harsh sunlight, rain, or snow, and the potential to be dropped. And IVC needed assurance that they could get the numbers of laptops they needed in a reasonable turnaround time.


From the first contact with Durabook, IVC found Durabook to be very responsive and willing to work with them to identify the right rugged laptop for the MobileVision solution’s computing requirements. Durabook recommended its S14I Rugged Laptop that meets MIL-STD-810H for ruggedness, offers a sunlight readable display, and can withstand a 4-foot drop. The S14I was the ideal combination of quality and cost for the law enforcement surveillance solution, and Durabook was able to quickly supply the device in the quantity IVC required. Ultimately, the price and quality points were so compelling, IVC ended up making the S14I their standard across the MobileVision product line.


Quality, cost, and reliability are also very important to IVC’s customer base, which includes many law enforcement agencies. Being able to rely on a surveillance system in the field saves a police department from having to put two or three officers on patrol. The trailer captures and records video around the clock and police department customers know the video is going to be there if something happens.

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