DURABOOK U11 Keeping Military Planes Ready To Serve


The United States Air Force has eliminated traditional service manuals and paper reference material and has transitioned this technical documentation to a digital format. The USAF utilizes rugged notebooks and tablets known as eTools to view this digitized information. With aircraft deployed on military bases across the globe, the USAF needs to service their plane regardless of environmental conditions and requires reliable eTools to view their technical documentation. Durabook has designed its U11 specifically to meet the harsh demands encountered by the aircraft maintenance crew.


US Air Force Flight Line Maintenance Crew need to perform service and repairs in the harshest conditions on the planet. From the extreme heat and dust of the deserts to sub-freezing lows found at the poles, maintenance crews are frequently working outdoor in unfavorable weather. To ensure mission readiness, their work must happen regardless of environmental conditions. Therefore, rugged mobile IT technology is mission-critical to flight line maintenance.


Featuring the latest Intel Core processors, Durabook has designed the U11 fully rugged tablet to support the Air Force eTools initiative. The U11 fully rugged tablet features a multi-touch 11.6-inch FHD sunlight-readable display, providing excellent viewing in the bright sun on the tarmac.

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