Durabook’s rugged solutions help VCsecurity mobile x-ray devices identify hidden dangers


The mobile X-ray devices of VCsecurity must detect hidden dangers fast and reliably in all environmental conditions. To do so, they need mobile terminal devices which are as sturdy and powerful as they are and provide very good image presentations.


By using Durabook laptops and tablets, VCsecurity provides customers with rugged devices for any area of application which are not only resistant to extreme conditions, but also deliver a high performance and allow for quick setup.


A Ruggserv, a German special distributor, drew VCsecurity’s attention to Durabook, the experienced specialist for rugged mobile terminal devices. The requirements for the products sought after was clear: good price-performance ratio, high performance, sturdy quality, and high resilience. Additionally, the devices had to allow for quick and simple installation and setup, and suitable devices should be available for various fields of application.

Therefore, VCsecurity was persuaded by the product line of Durabook. This brand provides tablets and laptops, from semi-rugged to fully rugged, is suitable for a wide range of applications, waterproof, impact resistant, and resistant also during most adverse conditions. The DynaView displays allow for pin sharp pictures, even in direct sunlight, and by using Intel CPUs of the latest generation, the Durabook devices provide maximum performance.

Now, VCsecurity offers their customers the range of laptops S15AB, S14I and Z14I, as well as the tablets R11 and U11I. “Thanks to a smooth operating procurement process, we now have standardized user terminal devices at our disposal”, said Benno Braasch M.Sc., lead security-systems developer of VCsecurity. “This way, we can provide our customers with exactly the right device, significantly simplify procurement, production and delivery, and reduce the setup time by about 15 percent. Thereby, Durabook helps us to permanently increase customer satisfaction.”

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