Enforce installs reliable in-car solution for Police Patrol in Kazakhstan


Police forces around the world are increasingly using technology to improve critical awareness, make jobs more efficient and support officer safety. Enforce LLP works closely with the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Internal Affairs, providing technical support and solutions for its police patrol force. It develops software to improve processes and provides hardware that can withstand the often tough environments in which the police operate. 


Enforce was tasked with providing new on-board computers for police vehicles in the region. The computers would be required to meet rigorous requirements both in terms of computing power and operating conditions. 

Enforce would usually spend time experimenting with building a classic on-board PC circuit from third-party manufacturers, which would involve many separate parts, from a base computer, to a protective case, a monitor and so on. But this showed low reliability and little fault tolerance in police operating conditions. The major challenges of this system were the large number of intermediate connections, which could not withstand the patrol car’s vibration, as well as problems with power supply because of lack of capacity for a backup battery. 

To be able to automate the police patrol cars, Enforce needed a more reliable and cost effective solution. 


Enforce turned to its long term partner, Durabook. Durabook suggested its compact, feature-rich R11 tablet would be an ideal solution because it is robust and rugged enough for use in vehicles, but also offered reliability in terms of power and performance. 

The R11’s Intel i5 processor easily copes with coding a video sequence of the patrol car’s cameras as well as with video analytics, such as license plate recognition, while a 4G modem would ensure stable communication with the dispatch server.

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