How Ford’s Mechanics Use Durabook to Maintain their ‘Rolling Computers’

“My vehicle is a rolling computer”, said Jim Hackett, soon after being appointed CEO of Ford Motor Company. “My business is computing.”

It’s a fact that the average family car now has more computing power than the rocket that sent men to the moon. Even relatively modest cars have computers controlling the sound system, locks, navigation system, and engine emissions.

“Our service bays are pretty clean, but it’s impossible to completely avoid dirty hands on the touchscreen. A conventional tablet or laptop just didn’t cut the mustard for our environment. ”

Tung Kung,
Field Service Engineer Ford NZ


Mechanics need to be able to interrogate the vehicle’s computer, make adjustments and upgrade the software. You’re just as likely to see a mechanic with a laptop or tablet in his hand, as you are a torque wrench.

Ford engineers use Durabook’s ruggedized laptop to service their vehicles. They connect to the car’s computer and use Ford’s Vehicle Communication Module software to run diagnostics, analyse live data, read information from the sensors, change key parameters and upgrade the software. This process can be done wirelessly, or via USB connected to Durabook’s ruggedized and IP rated ports, which enables secure connectivity for cabled diagnostics

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