Military Contractor Depends on Durabook In Extreme Environments of Afghanistan and Middle East


Clarence Fung knows a thing or two about demanding work environments. He spent four years in the Air Force and another 16 years in the Army. He served on bases in the U.S. and abroad and was deployed to Operation Desert Storm in the early 90s. After 20 year of service to his country, Clarence worked in support of the military,
providing services through military contractors. While contracting, he found himself in demanding locations like Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan performing battle damage assessment and repair (BDAR), working as a configuration technician, and holding additional duties in transportation and supply.


Find a laptop able to withstand the extreme environmental conditions faced by military contractors, including sand and snowstorms, severe temperatures, and heavy rain.


After careful reviews of available rugged devices, a DURABOOK semi-rugged laptop was selected for its potential to offer value and work reliably in demanding conditions.

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