VTA Case Study


Due to the fact they perform their jobs outdoors, often in environmentally challenging situations, VTA has been supplying its supervisors, mechanics, and repair technicians with rugged computers for many years. The Authority also found that this class of computer was best suited for greasy environments, being dropped, and the general everyday abuse expected from busy mechanics working on heavy-duty bus engines. Originally, VTA was purchasing another company’s products, which it believed were over-priced and not conducive to a governmental organization that understands the bottom line is the finishing line.


Roughly eight years ago, the VTA maintenance team found a new solution: Durabook. And Durabook rugged computers could perform needed diagnostics on the buses as well. Because of where and how they were being used along with the beating they were taking – and easily handling, VTA management took notice of the new units.


After nearly a decade of using the Durabook rugged computers the VTA is so satisfied that they are upgrading to the new generation of the S14I for their maintenance department.

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