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Durabook and Microsoft Windows: The Ultimate Partnership

The cyber landscape is constantly evolving; that’s why organisations across every sector need reliable, cutting-edge devices that can keep pace. Here at Durabook, we trust Microsoft Windows to deliver an OS platform that meets the most stringent security and enterprise management requirements while providing those controls in a transparent way to the end user, enhancing and improving productivity.

Powerful market leader in digital transformation

Microsoft is committed to delivering innovation, and its entire platform, to help the top commercial and public sector organizations across 170+ countries to achieve their digital future.

Its comprehensive technology stack can be leveraged to create solutions that are relevant to today’s demanding and rapidly evolving industry needs, working with customers to co-create a digital vision and redefine business models that deliver real value. AI-powered insights are served to the people that need it most, enabling faster decisions and actions that deliver reliable and predictable performance improvements.

The latest Windows-based tablets use cutting-edge CPUs, meaning they perform better than the competition. The Windows platform was designed to evolve and exceed its previous generation in computing power, performance, functionality and versatility, from off-line age to today’s internet era. Windows OS has evolved so much that it can be found on mainframe data centers, cloud servers, industry-specific professional and corporate office workstations, personal and portable computers and edge computing devices. None of this could be achieved without the fundamental element - computing power.

Comprehensive technology stack

AI-powered insights



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Compliance expertise

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help customers along their compliance journey by both achieving compliance and further delivering on organizational goals. Compliance is a continuous process, that’s why Microsoft’s solutions provide an end-to-end differentiated set of values to help customers:

Intelligently protect and govern data anywhere it lives

Identify and remediate critical insider risks

Quickly investigate and respond with relevant data

Simplify and automate risk assessments

Compliance certifications

Microsoft offers over 1,900 controls and 90+ compliance certifications to help customers comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements which govern the collection and use of individual's data. Microsoft is the only major cloud provider today that provides customers with an easy to access one-stop-shop for in-depth security, compliance (regulatory, audit, litigation, etc.), and privacy information, to assess the Microsoft Cloud with the Services Trust Portal (STP)

Microsoft believes that privacy is a fundamental human right and that GDPR is important for clarifying and enabling individual privacy rights. That’s why Microsoft was and remains the only major cloud service provider to extend GDPR data subject rights to all our customers worldwide, aligning with our enduring commitment to trust.


Compliance Certifications

Security specialists

Microsoft is committed to investing not just in security but in privacy and control, compliance and transparency, and especially those features that matter the most to its customers such as compliance certifications, best-in-class encryption, choice in where data resides, and transparency into how data is handled and protected.

In today’s “zero-trust environment”, Microsoft allows businesses to protect data and keep it within their control by implementing industry-leading identity, security and compliance functionality to: Provide security and data privacy in the trusted Microsoft Cloud; Grant user access that allows only the levels of information required to do their jobs; Meet strict industry and governmental regulations for organizational and customer data privacy.


Provide security and data privacy in the trusted Microsoft Cloud


Grant user access that allows only the levels of information required to do their jobs


Meet strict industry and governmaental regulations for organizational and customer data privacy

Multi-tasking capabilities

One thing that sets Windows OS apart from others is its multi-window and multi-tasking capability. Multi-tasking is most effective when multiple apps can be on the tablet screen at the same time, which is another key differentiator with Windows OS.

It designed to simultaneously perform multiple complex calculations in one computing cycle. Having sight of multiple windows at the same time allows more tasks to be performed at once, boosts efficiency.

In addition, the introduction of high-definition hardware video output such as Display port and HDMI port, Windows platform allows user to connect multiple external displays to mirror or expand their desktop workspace. Combining these features creates a powerful and versatile platform that greatly enhances user experiences and productivity across every working environment.

Flexible, tailored solutions

Microsoft is expert in tailoring its technology to meet diverse business needs. That’s why, beyond our own range, Windows 10 Pro comes pre-installed on the world’s largest selection of business devices from leading manufacturers.

By partnering with manufacturers, Microsoft has created a line of modern devices that can meet the most exacting standards in performance, security, design and experience. For example, modern devices are cloud-ready and activate Windows 10 Pro features like longer battery life, fast WiFi, and better video conferencing for seamless functionality.

Offering uncompromising flexibility, Windows tablets are able to run apps similar to those on PCs, making working and sharing files between the devices a seamless user experience. In addition, Windows tablets are renowned for their ‘Plug and Play’ capabilities. Whether in an office, manufacturing facility or in the field, the user can simply plug in expansion devices such as external monitors and detachable keyboards, to convert their device into a mini-PC system so they can perform their desired job function with ease.

Windows tablets provide more options to the enterprise when it comes to accessories, meaning greater cost flexibility. For example, R11 can be customized by installing different expansion modules suitable for unique field requirements. It features a host of integrated data-capture modules to retrieve and transmit information on the move. Optional features include RJ45, RFID reader, smart card reader, RFID reader and Magnet Strip Reader. This is just one example of how Windows OS platform can offer infinite possibilities in providing a total solution for every industry.

Microsoft Windows has been tried and trusted since 1985, and today, more than 83% of all commercial PCs and tablets run Windows. That’s why Microsoft Windows is Durabook’s ultimate OS platform provider.

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