Environment Recycle Form

Durabook Americas supports GREEN ELECTRONICS for a clean and pollution free environment. Durabook Americas Inc. has established the following procedure for all US & Canada customers to return Durabook and Slimnote brand computing devices and/or packaging. Return Shipping and Shipping Container will be provided by Durabook Americas Free Of Charge to the customer upon request. Durabook Americas Inc. will recycle your computer using a certified Recycler. Please read, complete, and e-sign the form. Durabook Americas will reply with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, shipping instructions, and a return shipping label. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact [email protected].



You will enclose a copy of Disposal Form with your computing device(s) in the box and have the RMA number clearly stated on the outside of the shipping box.

You are responsible for all confidential data that may be stored on the products. Before you ship the products for recycling, you are responsible for: (a) deleting the data on the hard-disk drives and any other storage devices in the products; (b) backing up or transferring any data prior to deletion; and (c) removing any removable media, such as diskettes, CDs, or PC Cards. Durabook Americas does not accept liability for lost or confidential data, software, or intellectual property. Or contact our technical support to assist you to clean up data safely before returning the unit.

Durabook Americas Inc. is not responsible for returning or holding any personal belongings and/or information shipped with the computer(s). All contents of the shipping box will be disposed upon receiving, with the exception of customer request email to [email protected], and technical support sending a confirmation email to the customer.